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Boarding kennel for Cats

Because cats exercise by stretching, and because they are not “pack animals” that need or enjoy the company of other animals (as dogs do), they do not require separate exercise areas, but are content when housed in roomy primary enclosures.  

At Marathon Land cattery we provide primary enclosure rooms 1mx1mx2m with different levels for moving and toys for enjoy.Litter box is regularly cleaned. Food and water available all day.

Prerequisite for hosting is: 

  • updated vaccine booklet. The booklet is checked when the animal enters the hostel.
  • free from inside / outside parasites. If parasites are found during his stay, the required deworming will be done by us, you will bear the cost. 


It sounds silly but for some animals, especially cats, feel a lot safer and relax if they can shut the world away

If you believe that your pet may benefit with this, we can supply hooded beds for them. Simply request this at booking time.  

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