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Boarding kennel for Cats

Because cats exercise mainly by stretching, and because they are not “pack animals” that need or enjoy the company of other animals (like dogs), they do not need exercise areas, but are happy to be housed in spacious but private areas.

In the cat boarding rooms at Marathon Land there are different levels and toys for them to enjoy their stay by sharpening their claws and exploring the levels and toys. The sanitary litter is cleaned daily. Access to water and food is provided on a 24-hour basis.

Prerequisite for hosting is: 

  •  Up-to-date vaccination booklet. The booklet is checked when the animal enters the kennel.
  • Free of internal/external parasites. If parasites are found during the stay the required de worming will be done by us and you will bear the cost.


It may sound strange but, some animals, especially cats, feel much more secure and comfortable if they can shut themselves away from the world.

If you consider your cat to fall into this category we can provide a hooded (covered) bed in their space. Just ask when booking.


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