Hospitality Prices for Cats

Cats Hosting Costs 

Daily hosting cost: 12 € 

The charges are different for cases of stay in the kennel for a long period of time. 

Hosting includes: 

Daily Care & Cleaning. 

Daily Feeding with super premium food depending on age.

Veterinary Surveillance and Medication Coverage (In case of medication) 

Hosting fee: 

The day the guest arrives is charged regardless of the arrival time. The day he leaves is not charged if the departure is from 10.00 am to 12.00 am. 

Terms & Conditions


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Αρ. Κρατικής άδειας λειτουργίας: 665/22.02.1989

Ώρες Λειτουργίας

Χειμερινό Ωράριο:

Δευτέρα – Παρασκευή:

10.00πμ – 13.00μμ
16.00μμ – 17.00μμ

Σάββατο: 10.00μμ – 13.00μμ

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