The right choice
of puppy is
important for you
and your family

Breeding is a very big asset. It takes knowledge, experience, commitment and absolute dedication.

During your search you will come across many breeders. Who is a good breeder? What I can say is that a good breeder is one who does not breed for money but for quality.
A breeder is not one who simply has a female and / or a male dog and gives birth.
A breeder is the one who plans his breeding, researches the stallion and studies the genealogy of the parents.

You do not need to know everything about the German Shepherd breed, but, your breeder MUST
If he has never presented his dogs at Morphology Exhibitions, Working Trails, has not trained dogs, THEN obviously does not have to show anything.
Can not know the dog’s morphology, movement, character and training ability.

A puppy with a good temperament is what will become a good companion.

Puppies should be clean, happy, well-groomed and should approach you without hesitation, jump on you and chew your fingers or clothes. A dog with a good temperament is what will become a good companion.
See (if possible) the parents of the puppies. Evaluate how they work towards you. The adult German Shepherd must have the right degree of suspicion towards strangers but also the right degree of shyness.
More suspicion and / or contraction are bad signs that are genetically transmitted to offspring.

Choosing the right puppy is the first important step for you and your family.

Our methodology

  • We scrutinize matings by choosing the best possible stallion for our breeding females. The experience of over 25 years of reproduction, training and knowledge helps us in this.

  • Expectant mothers are closely monitored and cared for with special care. Their rooms are located in a quiet area with heating in winter and cool in summer. They are designed so that later the puppies learn to keep their space clean. They are monitored 24 hours a day by cameras.

  • After birth the puppies are checked for their health and wear the colored ID special collars. They are closely monitored and we take care of their absolute hygiene, safety and cleanliness. Human contact with puppies is an extremely early socialization and helps them in their future ability to handle stress. Mothers are with their puppies around the clock, caring for, feeding, cleaning and caring for their babies.

  • As puppies grow older, they begin to explore their environment. Care and close monitoring continue. The small getaways begin in specially designed outdoor areas of the kennel (puppy parks) protected from strong sun and wind. Puppies slowly begin to learn the game and stay away from their mother for short periods of time. Daily contact with puppies helps to get to know the personality of each puppy.

  • At the age of 4 weeks, puppies begin to show real personality and confidence away from their mother. They spend more time of the day outdoors enjoying the sun and begin to enter another phase of socialization, upbringing and learning. They play with different games, they run, they go up to different levels, they enter tunnels, etc. There we observe their reactions and temperament. At night they always return to sleep with their mother and siblings.

  • At 6 th weeks the puppies start weaning from their mother. They are still all together and their mother visits them a few times during the day to make the weaning process easier. The puppies are still being socialized but now the conditions are changing a bit. The goal now is to develop the puppies’ instincts and learning ability within the calving group.They begin to learn to follow a human (the herd instinct begins) they learn to eat by hand, they follow food for a journey and for simple behaviors such as sitting down for their reward. From this age also begins the cultivation of the instinct for prey encouraging the puppies to hunt and bite their toy.

  • All the care, socialization and training of the past 2 months has prepared the puppies in every way for the transition to their new home. Instincts have been developed for better balance and more effective training, while trust in the environment and man is high for such a small puppy. The puppies that will stay with us to attend the program puppy training are immediately divided into separate rooms to develop strong bonds with the trainer and have a daily training program.

Our job and responsibility is to breed healthy, with the right temperament and balanced dogs for you
and your family.

Choosing a German Shepherd Dog…

If you are considering getting one of our puppies, young or adult dogs please understand why we are so detailed about where and how our dogs will be. As important as it is for you to find the right dog for your home, it is just as important for us to find the right home for our dog.

We do not care about your financial situation or the size of your home. However, we are interested in your behavior towards the dog and where and how he will be during the hours he will be away from your home.
We will ask some questions just like you would for the dog.
We want our puppy, young or adult dog to become part of your family and not just be on the terrace or in the yard.

We offer free advice on training, vaccinations, nutrition, daily life with the dog, etc. for the whole life of the dog.

You have a 15% discount on Marathon Land hostel services. No one will take better care of your dog than we know him and he knows us. Visiting the “paternal” is always pleasant without stress and anxiety.

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