We offer a broad
of training
for all dogs

Definitely your dog means a lot to you.

Your time and money too.
Finding a good trainer is essential
but it is often difficult to decide on the right choice.

Cost is also important to most people. Many times it is better to spend a little more money and have stable results, than to spend less money and have little or no results.

A good trainer should:

  • 1. Be able to do what it promises .
    2. Has the ability to train dogs of any breed, regardless of size, age and personality
    3. Have the experience and ability to train in different ways of learning. Not all dogs are the same, so one way does not apply to all dogs.
    4. Show your dog works at the end of the training.
    5. Show you how to operate and handle your dog.
    6. Be able to show you his own dog working.

At Marathon Land we offer a wide range of training for all dogs regardless of size, age & race.

30 years of experience and living with dogs allow us to explain to you what training is and why all dogs should have at least basic obedience. You can choose between group or individual training programs, with your dog staying at the Marathon Land accommodation or with personal visits with your dog.

Understanding the character of each dog, our patience and methodology based on the logic of reward and in combination with the ideal facilities, guarantees the result in the program you choose.

and pre-training

in races


in Job Exams.

Space storage

Owner training
in body language
of the dog.


Build strong
dog owner.

We’re sure you can find a program that fits your budget.

Let’s design the right training program for your dog together.

    • 10-day program for puppies 2-4 months (individual lessons of owner and dog. They do not include accommodation in the hosting area of ​​Marathon Land) cost:
    • 3-week program for puppies 2-4 months (includes accommodation in Marathon Land) cost:

    The first 7-16 weeks of a puppy’s life are undoubtedly the most important of his life! At this age they quickly absorb information about their world and how to react to it. They are the experiences that lay the foundations for his subsequent behavior and development! During this time we can more easily than any other period of his life to shape his character as we want, as well as to prevent and stop unwanted behaviors! During the program are covered:

      • Learns his name
      • Learns the collar and the leash
      • Follows the operator / owner with a leash
      • Early stages of simple obedience behaviors (close, sit, pull on the leash) Puppies with the “Herd” LINK STHN BUNNY “system are trained several times a day and at short intervals, always with food rewards.
      • Bath, nail trimming and ear cleaning
      • Dog care and combing on a raised table.
      • Learns to stay in the box or trailer
      • Introduction to home education in a home environment.
      • Getting to know the car
      • Puppy care issues
      • Gradual and protected exposure of the puppy to (sounds, different places people, children, dogs, other animals, objects and surfaces)
  • The first and most important part of training a dog.

    Basic obedience is the training that all dogs, regardless of size and breed, purebred or half-bred, must have.

    Through Basic Obedience we acquire a common language of communication with our dog thus, we make him an equal member of our family, we can enjoy quality time with him, we prevent many behavioral problems and bad habits. We learn to understand and decode the body language of the dog and build a strong relationship with him. Helps, contributes, facilitates the physical and mental relaxation of the dog and ours.

    At Marathon Land’s training center, training is ALWAYS without the use of force, with the power of the “Herd”, with constant movement, reward, consistency and taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in correct treatment of each dog in its own unique way.

    The languages ​​we use for the “commands” are Greek, German & English.
    A trained dog means quality of life .

      • Program of 10 courses (individual lessons of owner and dog. They do not include accommodation in the accommodation area of ​​Marathon Land) cost:
      • 4-week program (includes accommodation in Marathon Land accommodation) cost:
      • 6-week program (includes accommodation in Marathon Land accommodation) cost:
  • Protection duties, in contrast to Basic Obedience, are aimed at dogs belonging to the workgroup . In Marathon Land we give a great basis to the cultivation of dogs’ instincts and their training since the breed we breed belongs to the working category .

    By guard dog or bodyguard we do not mean an aggressive dog with everyone and everything. We do not mean an unidentified and insecure dog. We do not make a dog wild and uncontrollable. We do not alienate or alienate the dog from the family and from the way it operated within it.

    Protection tasks help the dog. They boost his confidence, make him confident about what he is doing and how it should work. We train him to protect his family, home, office, business and himself. He learns to bite, to hold properly but also to let go on command.

    Our dog must first of all be a companion and member of the family. The more we pay attention to him, the more he pays attention to us.

  • We can help with most dog related problems and behavioral problems. You can choose a program of your dog’s stay in our space or a more specialized training with our private lessons.

  • We undertake the preparation of German Shepherd dogs and their presentation at Morphology Exhibitions

    The German Shepherd Dog is presented in a special way in the track.

    We believe that we should always show the best possible of our dog towards the Judge both by his physique and by his technique in the track.

    Our dog at that time is a Athlete and we are his trainer who has to make sure he is in the best possible condition on the day of the race.

  • Many do not know or underestimate the value of the IPO. (Protection dog examination)

    The IPO was created to assess the dog’s ability to operate under specific conditions and with specific rules from officially recognized Working Judges < / strong>.

    Dogs that have been tested have proven and sealed proof that they are trained.

    It focuses on developing and evaluating all the qualities that make it an effective working dog and a reliable companion . It is impossible for a dog to pass the test without having the necessary characteristics with a balanced character, strong temperament, willingness to learn and self-confidence.

    Depending on the dog’s age and level of training it can be tested for BH, IPO1, IPO2 or IPO3. Each subsequent test requires success of the previous one. (eg for IPO1 successful BH)

    The BH test (companion dog test) is the first test a dog can have (age 15 months and older). It is a test aimed at all dogs regardless of breed and size. It is the test that tests the dog’s obedience and temperament near people with and without a leash. His reactions to crowds of people, cars, cyclists, other dogs, noises, etc.

    The dog is evaluated and, passes or does not pass the examination.

    The IPO examination has three phases:

    A. Tracing

    B: Obedience

    C: Protection Duties

    Each phase controls different characteristics of the dog and each level is more difficult with more exercises and duration than the previous one. Through the IPO examination we can test the dog’s natural instincts, his ability to solve problems, his perseverance (tracking), his willingness to please his handler, his intelligence, his ability to learn and his balanced character (obedience), confidence, courage, strength, toughness and balance (protection duties)

    A dog with the above supplies is not simply a good working dog but also an ideal companion .

    IPO is the sport with the dog . If your mood and time allow, working with your dog can become a healthy hobby .

    Cooperation with your dog, contact with nature, communication with athletes and dogs, competition and mutual assistance, discipline and result.

    If this is something you are interested in and like, come to our company.

  • In every part of dog training, it is clear that the owner must learn to handle his dog. Our goal is always the owner and his dog to reach the highest point of cooperation and “contact”. The most important part of Basic Obedience is that we learn how to work with the dog and decode his body language. Our dog may not talk like us but he shows us everything in his own way. Understanding and dealing with the dog enables us to build the ideal relationship with him.


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