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  • Training vest with pockets black: 85.00€
  • Training belt with ‘Kilt’ pockets black: 45.00€
  • Leash 150cm/20mm with rubber in various colors : 18,00€
  • Leash 150cm/15mm with rubber in various colors : 18,00€
  • Leash 3m/20mm with rubber in various colors : 20,00€
  • Ball 7cm diameter with rope. Made of high quality soft rubber : 15,00€
  • Flexy Comfort L, 8m/50krg : 45,00€
  • Τροφές “WINNER PLUS”: from:70,00€

Multivitamin for dogs from 3-12 months.
Dosage: 1-2 caps / day

Complete product, rich in protein and amino acids, with several anti-catabolic agents such as Alpha Ketoglutarate & amp; Colostrum that promotes the growth and construction of, bones / skeleton, muscles & amp; dog’s immune system


Joint Support
Made in Alaska

For puppies from 3-12 months & amp; Elderly dogs or dogs with special joint requirements.

Dosage: 1-2 cap / day

Based on an excellent quality fresh salmon oil from the North Atlantic, known for its beneficial properties on the immune system, skin, hair, eyes, etc. enriched with ingredients that help lubricate, function well and strengthen the building blocks of articular cartilage.


Premium Salmon Oil
For athletic dogs
Dosage: 1 tbsp. min / day
Made in Alaska

Based on an excellent quality fresh North Atlantic salmon oil, known for its beneficial properties on the immune system, skin, hair, eyes, etc. enriched with ingredients that help muscle growth, muscle recovery from injuries and increase endurance.


ALL SYSTEMS – Self Rinse conditioning shampoo – Coat Refresher & Deodorizer
in packages of 250ml & amp; 500ml

The shampoo ALL SYSTEMS Self-rinse conditioning shampoo – Coat Refresher & Deodorizer with emollient cream is the ideal shampoo for a perfect finish, when there is no possibility for a complete, regular bath.

The Self-Rinse Conditioning Shampoo – Coat Refresher & Deodorizer by ALL SYSTEMS, will clean, soften and remove unpleasant odors from the hair, all at once, without rinsing. It does not leave the hair hard or sticky.

The natural texture of the hair is maintained at once, without requiring the gradual work of a complete bath. It is a non-rinsing shampoo that everyone should have, to protect a beautiful hair and maintain it, without stains.

It is mixed with a light and refreshing lemon-lime aroma. DOES NOT REQUIRE RINSE.

ALL SYSTEMS – Crisp coat shampoo
in packages of 250ml & amp; 500ml

Specially designed for dogs, cats or other animals with hard and / or wild fur , eg Terriers, Collies, Chow-Chow, Pomeranian, Akita, etc.where the texture & amp; hair volume is extremely important for the presentation & amp; the pattern of the breed. Effectively removes chlorine and residues from the hair.

Made from 100% vegetable aroma, organically grown herbs such as Eucalyptus , Rosemary and Mint for essential hair and skin care and natural cleaning filters.

Safe for pets, rebuilds damaged hair , does not cause dryness or dry skin. Non-toxic shampoo . Designed for dogs, cats, horses, etc.


  • For hard-haired breeds
  • Ideal in cases where we want texture and / or volume.
  • Removes debris
  • Designed for dogs, cats etc.

ALL SYSTEMS – Clearly illuminating shampoo
in packages of 250ml & amp; 500ml

Mild shampoo, like Super Cleaning that can be used on all hair & amp; will give extra shine, especially to colored hair, such as apricot, red, black & amp; coffee , where P.F. Whitening Shampoo has difficulty giving shine to this range of colors. It does not change the texture of the hair, so it can be used on Terriers, still & amp; in Schnauzer. Its specially designed red color is very convenient so that you can see exactly where it has been applied during the massage process, without leaving any spot intact.


  • Suitable for all hairs
  • Ideal for a range of colors with apricot, red or brown shades
  • Designed for dogs, cats, etc.

ALL SYSTEMS – Professional Whitening shampoo
in packages of 250ml & amp; 500ml

Removes odors and stains from tears & amp; shawls on light hair and brown colors on dark, with bleaching ingredients that enhance the natural soil of the hair and is highly recommended for white, black, silver & amp; Cream

Contains natural, healthy ingredients without peroxide, bleach, silicone or indigo (products that adversely affect the skin & hair).

Contains oil and leaves a natural texture on the hair.


  • Bleaching shampoo, safe for all colors and all hair types.
  • Designed for dogs and cats.

Genuine Vetbed® is excellent & amp; durable everyday pad , for dog & amp; the cat, with unique properties suitable for all stages of life. It has a higher volume, greater durability, excellent drainage, offers unique heat retention which is why it is so special from all the other beds on the market.


& nbsp;

Recommended by veterinarians & amp; breeders because it is safe, durable & amp; with great durability, while at the same time maintaining a luxurious feel. Easily machine washable at 95oC & amp; dries very quickly. It is healthy, non-irritating, non-allergenic & amp; non-toxic. Keeps animals dry & amp; hot. Suitable for home, office, car, kennel, travel, transport cage. Made in England for 20 years & amp; available in various sizes & amp; colors.
Young animals: Keeps them safe, warm & amp; dry, still & amp; in case of an accident”.
Older animals: Offers comfort, enjoyment & amp; constant warmth, while facilitating stability in movement.
Hospitalized animals: Veterinarians select it for animals in need of hospitalization, pre- or post-operative care.
Birth-Newborn Puppies: Holds Mother & amp; babies warm & amp; dry, while retaining body heat reducing the risk of hypothermia. Its texture offers comfort, a sense of security & amp; encourages the mobility of puppies by helping traction. [/ read]


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