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Frequently Asked Questions about Hospitality in Marathon Land

  • Come and visit us with your dog so that he has a first contact with the environment. We recommend to all new guests a trial stay (usually 2-3 days is enough). With the test stay they learn the place, the people of the place and that they return home again. It is also good for us, because we learn how the dog / cat behaves and reacts during its hosting and we can choose the best accommodation for him. Finally, it helps you, as you now learn your dog’s reaction.

    For the safety of all pets, dogs should be on a leash and cats in a transport box. For the safety of dogs no collar is left on it as it can become dangerous during play and relaxation.

    Occasionally we take pictures of the hosted dogs / cats. We sometimes use them for advertising purposes or post them on our facebook page. If you do not wish to take a photo of your pet, please let us know.

  • There are two aspects to pet hosting, the emotional part and the physical part. Many people feel guilty when they leave their pet in a hotel. If you are one of them, you have a reason for saying that your dog does not feel that way. Sincerely! Not that he does not like being with you but especially if he has been hosted again he knows you will be back. If he has not been hosted again, consider hosting for 2-3 days to give him a positive experience.

  • We know that breaking up with our dog is always difficult, but for his own good, avoid an emotionally charged farewell. Emotions cause stress in dogs. Smile and leave us the leash with happy words. The dog will be fine. So do you.

  • Your dog should be protected against: Typhoid, Morva, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis (DHPL), Rabies (R), & Tracheobronchitis (KC or Pneumodog). Vaccines should be on your dog’s booklet with your veterinarian stamp and signature.

  • Kennel cough in dogs is a contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract that can be caused by bacteria or a virus. The trachea and bronchi are irritated and with the passage of air inside them, they lead to an annoying cough. It is transmitted to other dogs through airborne organisms or through dog-to-dog contact. The risk of infection is higher when the dogs are in groups, in the park, in groomers, veterinarians or in accommodation (hostels). An infected dog can soon infect many others even if it does not show any symptoms. Vaccinated dogs can catch a whooping cough, although the symptoms are in most cases mild.

  • There is controversy among veterinarians about the age at which vaccination is no longer necessary. There are also cases where the vet is not advised to give a vaccine. We’re just asking for a signed notification from your veterinarian stating this.

  • We can not guarantee that your dog will not get sick in the Hostel. It is something that does not depend on us. But we can tell you that we will take all the necessary steps for him.

  • Of course. Glad to bring a familiar toy with him to the kennel. Make sure they are clearly marked (with his name and yours) as they can be transported from his room for cleaning or drying.

  • Of course. You can bring his mat or his vet bed or a t-shirt.
    Make sure they are clearly marked (with his name and yours) as they can be transported from his room for cleaning or drying.

  • Water and food utensils, things or toys that are irreplaceable or of special value to you, more than 2 toys.

  • Marathon Land has options Και for difficult dogs.
    So, they too can have a pleasant stay.

  • We try to meet all the needs of dogs, including the elderly and the less active who are not in the mood for toys.

  • YES. His stay in Marathon Land is very active. There are dogs that really enjoy relaxation.
    They leave happy and sleep a little longer in the first days of returning home.

  • It’s a security issue. It can be trapped somewhere.

  • Yes!! Of course it can !!! With our new service “Playmates” we take care of the ideal match (gender, age, temperament, etc.) for your dog.

  • Although he will not miss you for the time you will not be together, he is sure to be very happy to see you again.

  • We host animals of all ages. Puppies can be hosted after finishing the Typhoon – Morva ( Distemper- Parvo) series Owners with older or health-conscious animals can discuss their hosting in Hostel, with their veterinarian.

  • The host animals see us and come in contact with us and our staff throughout the day, at meal time, relaxation, cleanliness and snack time.

  • There are different dog characters .
    You know your dog and you can decide if your visit will help him or her.

  • Very hard!!! We offer a very friendly and fun stay, with a lot of exercise. It is very difficult or even impossible to feel alone.

  • All dogs eat in their guest room.
    The hours are after 5.00pm in winter and after 7.30pm in summer.
    Dogs eat after relaxing in exercise and play areas & amp; the required rest time has passed.
    After feeding, we collect dishes and check their water.
    We can if you want to follow your dog’s daily schedule with the appropriate charge.

  • Yes. We have a refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
    We have no problem feeding your dog what he eats at home.

  • At Marathon Land we try to meet the need to relax every dog ​​.
    Because the door between the interior and their personal yard is open, dogs have the option of coming in and out depending on their mood. Also COME OUT daily morning & amp; afternoon in the relaxation and play areas. In the summer months the duration may be a little shorter due to the high temperatures and the faster fatigue of the dogs.

  • Usually 15 days before holidays is enough. Most of the time, with the exception of August, we can serve last minute booking.

  • If you have any questions about your dog’s accommodation, please ask us and we will be happy to answer. We are constantly striving to make our services as good as they can be.

  • Call us and we will answer any of your questions or concerns. We are here for whatever you need.


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