Hospitality Prices for Dogs

Dog Hosting Costs

Small dogs (ex. Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Westy) 

18 €/day 

Medium dogs (e.g. Labrador, Retriever, Boxer, Shepherd)
20 €/day
Big dogs (e.g. Cane Corso, Pit Bulls, Akita)
22 €/day
Giant dogs  (e.g. Mastiff, St Bernard, Great Dane)
25 €/day
Junior suite
30 €/day
Baby suite
30 €/ημέρα
Private rooms
Price on enquiry
Unsocial dogs
Price on enquiry
Administration of Medication
1 €/dose
Flea Treatments
20 €/treatment
Ear and/or Eye Treatments
5 €/day
Multiple Pets
Price on enquiry
8 €/day
Extra feeding per day
2 €/day

Our hospitality values are proportional to the race and size of your dog.

Reductions for several pets shall not apply for the period of: Christmas, Easter and July, August.

If your pet is on a special diet, you will be happy to bring it in. We don’t have a discount if you bring his food, but, you know, you don’t have any extra charge for it..


If your animal receives medication during its stay, we can provide it at the above costs. Be careful with the amount of medicine/preparations required and the Owner and Animal name clearly marked on it. We recommend that an additional amount be given in case you delay a little.

Hospitality Fee 

The hosting fee starts on the arrival day regardless of time. In order to improve animal adaptation it is preferable to arrive in the morning hours in order to have as much time as possible with the light of day to adapt to the new environment. The departure day shall not be charged if the departure occurs by 12,00m.

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