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Athletic preparation & nutrition of the dog

Athletic preparation & nutrition of the dog 620 420 Marathon Land

On Sunday, December 2, the seminar “Athletic preparation & nutrition of the dog” was successfully held with the sports doctor Dr Massimo Floris.       The seminar was an offer of Winner plus, Argos Pet Foods & Marathon Land. For those who did not manage to participate due to the limited number, they will…

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Workshop 960 564 Marathon Land

Workshop with Melanie Kruger & Jorg Schwabe #workingdogs #marathonland #tracking #protectionwork #obedience

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SG1 Males Youth Class

SG1 Males Youth Class 650 960 Marathon Land

Μαcambo of Marathon Land SG1 Youth male class  – KOGPE T.P. Thermaikos 07 Judge: Erich Bosl

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Αρ. Κρατικής άδειας λειτουργίας: 665/22.02.1989

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Σάββατο: 10.00μμ – 13.00μμ

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